Yahel Chirinian, is a French artist, sculptor, video artist, author. Born in Avignon, France, in 1970. Yahel studied art in Paris, Rome, Los Angeles and Tokyo.

Yahel is considered as the new Muse of Pop-Art. Her work recreates an universe close to surrealism in between dream and reality where her mirrors shows that everything around us has a sense.

Public + commissioned art and installation works for exclusive hotels and private collectors in India, Japan, Lebanon, Italy, California, New York and Paris. She’s settled in Goa (India) since many years where she lives and creates...

Yahel’s sculptures defy description: are they the stuff of dreams and whimsy and sweetness and light, or have they been forged in the depths of the earth’s crucible?

Here you see vast primeval shapes suspended by string, floating in a cosmic amniotic fluid, there the slightest shard of glass shatters onto a screen exploding in a million points of light; some objects are pristine and leached of color, and others employ the tender petals of a hundred gardens of Eden.

Ever since I have known Yahel through her work at the Monsoon Heritage studio in Goa, I have been charmed immeasurably by her oeuvre, her unique and original world view and above all her humility. “I consider myself not so much artist, but like the artisan in a pursuit of an aesthetic that is my own, who see something that doesn't exist that can bring happiness, emotions or just a touch of love. “ says this French artist of Armenian roots, who grew up in Avignon, has worked in Rome, Paris and Los Angeles, and now lives and creates in Goa.

I have always believed that to share beauty is a creative pursuit in itself; share a poem that moves you, lend someone a book that has stirred something in you, point another to a song that has made you weep with joy, or a fragrance that brings back an ancient memory …so in that spirit, I invite you to view Yahel Chirinian’s latest works…

Malavika Sangghvi

Monsoon Heritage Studio * in Goa

Monsoon Heritage studio by Yahel Chirinian is an exclusive art and avant guard design address in Goa, and one of its best kept secrets. Masterfully transformed from an aging Portuguese house, the studio showcases the exquisite and unique collections of Yahel's creations of mirrored mosaic art, installations and exclusive commissioned pieces for homes of fashionistas, travellers, art collectors and celebrities from around the world.

Hidden away off a back-road in Arpora, Monsoon Heritage studio is set in transformed aging Portuguese house with a history of its own, accessed only by a narrow pathway through a tropical ravine. Yahel's mirrored mosaic works in large organic shapes, dramatic Hindu deities and imposing skulls are instantly recognizable, shimmering and seductive, ranging from just 25cms to two metres in height; larger works are regularly shipped globally.

Much more than a beautiful Gallery, the Monsoon Heritage studio is “a way of life” - something unique, something different, a celebration of life through stunning art pieces and objects, and it is here that Yahel meticulously designs and crafts each piece of art, transforming organic shapes and inspiration into stunning pieces of mirrored installations.

Email | press@monsoonheritage.com