The work you see here is not ordinary- these are truly extraordinary pieces made with passion and commitment. This art reflects a deep degree of creativity, inventive use of traditional materials, meticulous finish and production, and the unrivaled energy provided naturally by reflection and light.

Over the years Yahel Chirinian has created art pieces which provide inspired experiential moments to collectors and viewers alike. The secret of her work lies in the alchemy resulting from a very passionate process; creating pieces through traditional methods with a keen eye on detail, yet allowing for improvisation at the artists discretion. This delicate balance results in the creation of a timeless style vision that is cutting edge, elegant, and provocative- Yahel’s work is instantly recognizable. In describing her work the words “daring”, “fascinating”, “mystical”, and “luminous” spring to mind.

When Yahel completed her first installation in 1988, she was immediately attracted to the nobility of the mirror as a material- its tactile nature, and intimate dance with its surrounding environment and light in particular became her artistic playground. Through years of exploration and research; experimenting with natural pigments, colorations, cutting, gluing, pressing, and baking each art pieces sheen, beauty, and power remain fully intact (also thanks to a proprietary finishing process).

Each piece is handmade in the workshop from a single piece of raw material- gradually cut, manipulated, and polished to create a sculpture that is designed to «inspire your life»;. The work and sculptures are conceived, designed, and created by the artist with materials that are local, natural, and eco-friendly using traditional technical methods as well as a unique “savoir faire” that can only be found at Monsoon Heritage Studio her “creative laboratory” in Goa (south East cost of India).

The pieces are all original limited editions that are signed and numbered. Privately commissioned sculptures and installations are unique pieces signed and numbered and cannot be reproduced.

Each piece is imagined, designed, create and handcraft by Yahel Chirinian with local natural and eco-friendly material, traditional technical and traditional “savoir faire” at Monsoon Heritage Studio, her “creative laboratory” in Goa (south East cost of India).

As Yahel describes “I like my creations to provoke emotions. They appropriate a place where another piece cannot be. We miss them if they disappear; because of their absence- everything else has changed! More than décor their function is to reveal”

Welcome to Monsoon Heritage Studio.

Yahel Chirinian

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